Computer Security Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

In todays post I talk about computer penetration testing and why they are needed in todays society when talking about securing your system from being breached and how you can employ security proffesionals to harden your systems.

Before I get started I will explain the difference between Penentration testing and `Hacking` well the main thing that seperates the two is that you have permission to do so as a penentration tester you will be granted these priveleges from the owner of the systems etc after you perform these tests, you are   responisible for providing a report. the main goal of a penentration tester is to increase the security of the systems and provide solutions on hardening the countermeasures.

Whereas A `hacker` will do the same but wants to exploit the system to cause harm this is why penetration tester get contacted so they can prevent your systems from being compromised. The things you should take into consideration is that a penetration tester cant always find all the holes within your system.

For example as we all know Microsoft is always releasing system updates which includes patches, so for example you contact a penetration tester to come and test your systems for vulnerabilities they document their findings and apply countermeasures which can be used to harden the system and the next day apply a patch to their system, due to that their may be a new flaw within their patch in which a `hacker can use to compromise your system.

Penetration Testing

Security Breach


Final thoughts

I believe computer security plays a big part in todays society as technology is increasing rapidly security measures needs to be in place to harden systems to prevent systems from being compromised by intruders so its vital for companies to invest in Penetration testers to keep their company and image safe online and to prevent damage.

From researhing I found several companies whose security systems have been breached and its seems to be happening allot more. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts and opinions.




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