Creating A Virtual Lab Environment For Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Lab


Hey guys I haven’t been posting consistently for a while I aim to post at least one blog post a day it will increase once I get consistent. The main topic I will be talking about is security as that is the field I am interested in, but you may see other content which isn’t related to security but may be new emerging technology that I find Cool. 😀

Many of you guys want to go into penetration testing which is what I want to pursue myself. I will be posting anything which will benefit you guys and myself of course I see this as I way of developing my skills.

Some of you guys asked me how you could perform pen testing without actually getting in trouble with the law, because the term `Hacking` is perceived as bad but if you have permission from the user you can perform these events.

Hacking/ Penetration testing are basically all the same we use the term Pen testing because it`s more professional term to use, but in essence they mean the same thing in terms of what you would be doing the systems.

I found A way in which you can practice your skills to further enhance them by using a virtual environment with VMware or Virtual box which is the free version, so there isn’t any cost associated with setting one up all you need is PC/Laptop and A Virtual box and with okay specs, then your good to go.

The best way to start is to get A copy of lets says Windows XP and Windows Server which you can then play around with the settings to make it difficult or harder to compromise then once you’ve developed  a strong understanding of those systems you  move on to updated versions.


Eli The Computer guy explains it enough for you to understand the concept and the alternatives you can use to practice safe penetration testing without compromising your own system or putting it at risk. I will include the videos.

I have put some Links and Videos Below for you to gain a better understanding of how it works. I also will be creating A video on how to set it up myself, which will be posted on the projects section of my blog.

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A very guide guide I Would RECOMMNED

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