Digital Forensics Recover Data from USB Pen

Digital Forensics


In todays tutorial I show users how you can recover data from your USB pen even if you have deleted it from the device this method can also be applied and used to recover data from your hard drive.

The software I will be using is called Autopsy which is a Digtial Forensic platform, it can be used by law enforcment, military and corporate examiners to investigate activty on a computer.

This can  be very benificial for students who lose their work and wish to recover their data which could save them from doing all the work again. So in this tutorial I  show how you can retrieve the deleted data.



If you would like to download the digital forensic platfrom the link is below:


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Furthermore it can even be used to recover files, photos, documents and more. A demostration is show in the video Below:




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