Free Computer Security

Everyone wants things for free and I am going to tell you how you can get free security tips by following simple steps when accessing the web. While there are other advanced techniques I can tell you about we will start with the basics.

Internet security software is essential to protect your computer in this day and age but there are other measures you can use without even installing new programs:


  1. Keep your software up-to-date

When you purchase your computer it comes with a level of protection but threat also change daily so it’s imperative that you update your software which could include patches and fix loop holes within the system. If not your system can get compromised.

Often when you go to buy a new PC/Laptop the sales assistant often persuades you to get different packages this includes anti-virus software, don’t be afraid to say no as there are many free anti-virus software which will protect your system against threats.

The one I personally use is Avast- which is free computer security!

  1. Protect your identity online

As technology is increasing criminals and malicious activity online is increasing as well. They want to get your back details, personal information to commit fraud.

So when creating an account of any sort its best to come up with a strong solid password which cannot be easily guessed by an attacker.

When creating an account be it for social networking or online banking make sure you have different passwords for each account otherwise the attacker will be able to access every single account you have with that one password you have for all your accounts. Something that you could use to help with this would be to get a password manager which is another free computer security measure


  1. Switch it off

Switch your computer of when you’re not using it what will this do? It will stop others from accessing your computer online. To take a stronger precaution even switch of your broadband when you’re not online which will allow no internet access to anyone!

Doing this is a good  free security measure


  1.  Don’t open unknown email attachments

Most of the crimes and malicious activity happen via email so you should always be on guard when checking yours. You shouldn’t open any that you think is suspicious or strange.

AND DON’T EVER CLICK ON RANDOM LINKS as it could activate an exploit and you could simply be hacked!

Download from trusted sources

When downloading things from the web make sure they are trusted websites and not just from random sites. An example of a trusted website for downloading things from would be in which you can also download free computer security from.


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