I was just browsing through my Instagram and I noticed that Instagram are now introducing advertising WOOT really? I really don’t like the idea of this I Can imagine how this is going to annoy allot of people, although they have given you an option to hide the Ad…

Within minutes of posting the example AD on how it will look like on Instagram it was bombarded with comments from users stating that they didn’t like the Idea.

But there are things users have to take into consideration which is that good things don’t come for free to be fair I could see this coming.

Instagram is A business although it is good platform to add your photos to Facebook started out as `free` then they started including adds which you can now see everywhere on facebook unless you have you  add blocker of course.

I do still think users will abandon Instagram due to this new venture that Instagram is putting in place to their APP, but people will get used to it and forget about it eventually.

Instagram posted:

“Instagram quoted.” “This will help us bring more interesting ads over time. You can also tap the “sponsored” label above at any time to learn more as always, you own your own photos and videos. The introduction of advertising won’t change this.”

So basically they won’t sell your own personal content….

They will be rolling out advertising in the coming weeks…..







I believe although this could cause some upsets to certain users this could also be a fantastic opportunity for Instagram users if they develop a way for users to monetize their content on Instagram which would be very interesting. For now we can only watch and see how Instagram progress.




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