Privacy Concerns.

In today’s society privacy online seems to be a myth as this is taken away from us by government officials constantly snooping around just because they have the technology to do so. In my view they just want to know every detail about everyone in this world without having a real purpose on doing so. Edward Snowden revealed vital information which caused an upset with government officials by revealing their government mass surveillance strategy.

Edward Snowden didn’t agree with what they were doing and released some confidential documents which exposed their government plan some people may argue that what he did was wrong but I believe that it was good what he did as this did not only affect him the information he leaked proved to us that the government monitors our communication regardless of whether you’re suspected of doing something bad.

In hindsight what is privacy? We as citizens have a right to our privacy but this is taken away from us, everything we do online is scanned stored, categorised and labelled. Its then cross checked against keywords, noted groups and outspoken individuals. Furthermore if there is a connection it does not matter how small you run the risk of your status being elevated and put on a list somewhere.

However, there are security issues which will be addressed as we know in life there are people in the world who wish to do harm to others, so in that respect there’s a basic requirement for monitoring and country wide security.



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