My Thought’s on Privacy online

During my time on earth far too many times have I heard the ‘security threat’ line being used to justify the authority’s action on snooping. But this isn’t my main concern as my main concern is that journalist are not free to report what is really going on in places where the world really needs to see how badly people are being treated. One other issue is that lawyers cannot fully protect fully protect their clients without someone knowing what is really going and political activist are unable to voice their concerns about corrupt government officials without the fear of being silenced.

Although there are different opinions on this topic we as individuals may not be trying to expose corruption or anarchy or to use the internet to plan bad things. We still reserve a right to remain anonymous when we choose.

In June 2013 Edward Snowden worked as a counterintelligence officer for the CIA and leaked documents containing information on many American government mass-surveillance projects. He released a significant amount of data, including what was considered to be private and personal data that the NSA had been collecting.

The interception of our digital communication is pretty serious and it is a concentrated attack on our basic rights as the internet offers us the ability to communicate with others around the world, but with the digital world it seems like freedom is rapidly disappearing.

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